Puppies first time in snow 🙂


Puppies are four weeks of life, they start pretty run around and explore the surroundings. Already they taste something other than of milk from mothers. We learn to clean and train walking into crates, yet it is up to them to have some occasional crash. Some guys are still looking for their new owners. Come and choose the right one marital partner. 🙂


And so we have the third week of life – all the puppies they see, some walking confidently enough, the box has researched and soon they will want to explore the surroundings. Beautifully they play together and are so nice. “So far,” perhaps it would last them :-). Getting to socialize and come to visit us. Come also caress, the puppies will be happy to welcome you.


Puppies have already had 14 days to live, yet they need to live only for food and warmth, want nothing more, nor cuddling is too tired … snuggle up together in a pile and they do best. Gradually begin to open their eyes and soon we will all see :-), after 14 days is expected worming and this one did not like it … they looked “like this I simply will not eat” !!!


    After arriving home, all puppies snuggled up to mother and the whole night was heated and sucked milk. So we have 6 males and 2 females. They are doing very well and are able to speak up when they need something.


Dakota began to be grumpy in the morning, she walks constantly from place to place, we measured the temperature and we indicated that probably begins childbirth. It was after lunch, and still nothing is brewing in the evening and Dakota began having regular contractions and the birth of breathing, we were looking forward to the birth, but still nothing came. Unfortunately, the first puppy, which has troubled three days ago, was stuck in the birth canal, the temperature began to rise and the contractions weakened. Had no choice but to go to the doctor.

        Upon arrival, once tried, whether Dakota really not catch on natural childbirth, it is after all just a big female dog should handle it alone, he said the doctor. Unfortunately, in the end he had to come caesarean. So we Dakota in arms sedated and taken to the hall together and then just waited … 20 minutes later we heard the first sound then another, and soon others. We had a terrible joy, because the mother dog with puppies could not take care of everything we managed for her puppies, we curled up on the body is warmed up, massaging them to feel our hearts and calmed down. Just before waking up after anesthesia females puppies are still enclose on the teats, so that they could finally drink first and above all to find out whether they have a sucking reflex manage everything alone drink. After checking the puppies it confirmed that all are viable and sufficiently developed.

Towards the end of pregnancy already Dakotka mostly just resting, so the mother care, cuddle her, to indulge herself had her goodness and saving.

Dakota us growing before our eyes, belly with her nice round and bets runs much about the puppies? Several friends guessed from the number of puppies 6 to 11, so let surprise. But surely it is in the womb more puppies than the first pregnancy is visibly larger and appetite is great.

And here it is!!! On October 31, 2016 we were in the womb ultrasound and it Dakota abounds. Pregnancy confirmed. We are very happy and now I only expect much tension with us this time, those small bundles born. We look forward very much to litter B !!!

We have confirmed that they have been born in early December puppy litter B 🙂


On 30.9. and 2.10. Mated our Dakota and Bakari 🙂
Since we last witnessed litter and the connection was very beautiful and healthy puppies, so we decided to again beau Bakari 🙂 We are looking forward to puppies.
(Dakota Lady Harley Wandellmere x Bakari Shane Munyati)

On Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016 Aysha went to their new family. She went to Hradec Kralove, so keep you baby very nicely and a little capers and a lot of joy with the new owners.

Aysha – pink, still waiting on his new family, he hopes also to find the perfect owners like her siblings, so who is interested, please contact us at any time to come and see 🙂

On Tuesday, December 22, 2015 came for Athar family from the Valasske Mezirici. There they will be pamper you Athar so have nice time!

On Monday, 21 December 2015 Askary went to a new home – went to Vienna and is likely goes to Ukraine. He has at home friend Sofia, so not annoy her and listen. And let it travel with a new family fun.

On Sunday, December 20, 2015 has found Arwen new family, we went to Zlin and at home except owners where waiting two little girls – Adela and Catherine, so I wish Arwen you have in new family fine and doing them very happy. 🙂

These two puppies Athar (blue) and Aysha (pink) are still available and waiting for their new owners, if you have a puppy interested please contact us, or come to look tentative and cuddle.


Over the weekend 14th 11.15 visited us the best breeding and training adviser Maruška Kubínová family. She checked the puppies had cut their claws and showed me how to do it …

The first week in November, it was really wonderful – the weather like done to show puppies garden to enjoy it slowly became accustomed to the outdoor environment. The first time the door opened out, was a bit uncertain – went all four together, someone otrkal very quickly, one after a moment he turned and ran away to hide back in the box and just watched from afar his other siblings. It took them 10 minutes to knowledge and was tired and went back into the crate and slept and slept. The second day it was funnier was already more confident and stayed out nearly half an hour – played, nibbled to očuchávala surroundings and Dakota mother taught them what is allowed and what is not.


The first two weeks puppies mostly just sleeps and eats … even if they have not opened their eyes, begin to slowly crawl across the box and explore … mum Dakota with them spend their days and nights … no time to even go to walk and when it will force out posting chop and he is back with puppies … too pretty to gain weight – yet not so when mom is still fatten. Daily gain 80-100 grams

10 October 2015 gave birth to four beautiful healthy puppies – mastered Dakota birth to excellent, at 9.15 amniotic fluid drained, Dakota is still imposed on the birth lair with perfect ease rozdýchávala contractions and waited for what was to come. The first puppy peeked out into the world at 10.22, it was a blue guy with the lowest weight and 469 grams, still not even enough Dakota properly cleaned and he was next and sucked and sucked. It was wonderful, the love for the first ever in the life of the newborn puppy :-). The second boy took a little bit for a time and annoy my mother, because he went back legs, not to mention the biggest, peered out into the world at 12.24 and weighed 610 grams and it is still macho. Little girls in belly still a little reheated and beautifully 13.10 came first girl with red ribbon with a birth weight of 496 grams and even we suddenly and in 9 minutes 13.19 was worldwide, another pink girl with a birth weight of 512 grams.

Our Dakota (Dakota Lady Harley Wandellmere) found a dog Bakariho (Bakari Shane Munyati) and was covered on Sunday, August 9, 2015.

After a courtship Friday and Saturday, when it was very hot and the boys soon got tired, they met on Sunday evening, and it seemed that everything goes quickly and successfully. So successfully, but the connection lasted 1.5 hours and the girls, Maruška Kubínová, Veronika and Mrs. Šamajová that were really pretty. Guys just milled around and watched a second dog and the other soothed 2.5 months Viktorka that there need necessarily be :-). Thank you all for your help and patience Maruška for controlling the entire meeting and calming the situation where the girls could no longer keep the dogs together. Mrs. Šamajová for asylum, refreshing dogs and us. Veronika is from Dakota enough devastated and has blue black pudding on both legs :-). But it was believed and hope Dakota become pregnant and manages to give birth to puppies