It is a breed of dog native to Africa, where in the past catered to watch the economy from lions and other wild animals. Previously, it was also used as a hunting dog, hunted in groups of 3-4 dogs, antelopes, gazelles and similar beasts, which is able to demolish. Rhodesian ridgeback is very reliable, faithful, yet lively dog. He hates drill, but his education must be consistent. The second breed characterized by zones “contradictory” coat is a Thai Ridgeback, the visual appearance but does not affect the nature or origin.

The origin and history of the breed

Rhodesian ridgeback originates from South Africa. Already in the 17th century was described in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) a dog that grew on the back of a strip of hair upside down. The main task was to keep the Ridgebacks in narrow predators, especially lions. Superstition that ridgebackove lions hunted and killed, is not true. This dog also held the role of family companion. He was later crossed with European breeds. Its properties are crossing strengthen and preserve the ridge stripe as well. Animal hunter Cornelius van Rooyen was enthralled by his hunting ability, so it crossed with dogs of his own pack. These dogs were excellent trackers and were able to hold the lion until he came hunter, so they became known as “lion dog”. 1922 breeders at a meeting in Bulawayo was recognized and recorded the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed standard, for which most deserves Francis R. Barnes, founder of the Parent Club in Rhodesia. In Bohemia they get past first Rhodesian ridgeback since 1987.


The nature of this large dog is very friendly. He needs to have constant contact with the man, but it must be firmly and consistently educate, but not hard. The strangers are suspicious. To his family he behaves openly and she is very loyal. It is tolerant of children, if he does not tease. This breed was originally bred to hunt, but today it is not used for any hunt. We find it especially as a family companion or an excellent guardian. Rhodesian Ridgeback barks only when it is really something going on. If you are already a puppy familiar with cats or other pets, no problems with them later. Some individuals behave dominantly against other representatives of the same sex. Ridgeback has a strong hunting instinct.


This dog grows to a height of 61-69 cm and reaches a weight of 32-55 kg. The hallmark ridgebacka is formed by the hair growing backwards, which is of approximately 5 cm wide. This bar is called ridge. Ridge begins and ends between the shoulder blades on the shoulders. Rhodesian Ridgeback has a long, flat skull and round brown to light brown eyes with black rims. Ears are of medium size, set high and close to the head. Body Ridgeback is a strong, well-muscled with a deep chest. Solid and massive ridge, the stern has a gently sloping, the back should be straight. The tail is strong at the root and then tapering. The legs are strong, well muscled. The paws are medium sized with well-arched toes. The coat is short, dense, smooth and shiny. Its color is light to red sand. A mask as black discoloration of the ears and lips on the mouth, is admissible. Black color elsewhere on the head or body is undesirable.

For Ridgebacks often we encounter the term standard and nonstandard. Standard means that it is a typical representative of his race and is poised to become a stud dog or bitch. Substandard individual is completely healthy, but the exterior is distinguished from the standard (most commonly with a kinked tail, many black or white, or a difference in Ridge – without ridge, lopsided ridge, more or less crowns on the ridge) and is not intended for breeding.


Hair care Rhodesian ridgeback is very inexpensive. Regularly brush the moulting period and remove dead hairs with a rubber massage glove.

Ridgeback needs a lot of movement. They learn to run alongside bicycles and likes long trips. If enough exercise at home will calm. Rhodesian ridgeback requires a coherent and consistent training, it must be produced pressure. It can be applied as a working dog and with proper guidance and world-class rescue dog. Due to its strength and agility will achieve great agility and his speed can demonstrate dogs’ (terrain racing). It can also be guided hunting. Nowadays, it is used as a hound hunters, but also excellent hitchhikers.