Taurusrose – Rhodesian ridgeback kennel

Everything started early 20 years ago when we discovered the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed and soon we brought Dinuka who stayed with us for 12 years. After we entered the road, we are not ridgebacked and did not do RR breeding station Mrs. Dagmar Čechová Wandellmere. We brought a beautiful puppy Dakota (Dakota Lady Harley Wandellmere). It’s beautiful and nice, so we decided to keep who under the visit.

All dogs of rhu „B“ already have new homes

Puppies of litter A have already found their new home

If you come to us, you can stay or expect our hospitality:

Hotel At The Three Oxen


Býkovice 83
679 71
district Blansko
cell phone: + 420 724 264 810
E-mail: veronika.liznova@utrivolu.cz

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